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Nanekids materials let children master English with surprising ease. After all, our games and animations motivates them to communicate in an entirely natural way. It is like having an English-speaking virtual friend for your children!
Simple but ingenious concept: teach a foreign language in the same, natural way as the mother tongue by imitating and repeating and through experience involving more than one sense and emotional memory. After a long process of creation and checking, two sets of Nanekids materials were published for pre-school children of between 3 and 6 years of age. PALE and Learn Languages satisfied the high demands of the Nanekids team and exceeded all expectations. The full range of these materials combines a well thought-out set of audio-visual teaching materials. Children are delighted with the materials and learn from them happily and naturally right away. What is more, the set of tried-and-trusted educational games (coming soon). About LL: It helps plenty of children spontaneously expand their English vocabulary through 500 basic words.